Imagine if everyday does not make old, but MATURES,
doesn’t spoil health, but GRANT'S EXPERIENCE,
doesn’t drain energy, but FILLS WITH INSPIRATION,
instead of wiping out ideals, GIVES REASONS TO BELIEVE.

Fresh from the Studio

colors of the sea

Colors of the Sea

Avatud ettevõtete päev. Kamille Saabre ateljee

Ateljee on uudistajatele avatud. Avatud ettevõtete päev 2019

Avan avatud ettevõtete päeva raames oma ateljee uksed

Kamille Saabre apple paintings travel to BEIJING INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE

Kamille Saabre apple paintings to BEIJING INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE

Kamille Saabre Artwork was selected to be part of THE EIGHTH BEIJING INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE, CHINA 2019. 300x300cm size painting consists of nine separate apple paintings and for together arwork called:  “Complete differences. Differences complete.”