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How to DIY Paper Mache Artsy Christmas Baubles in eight simple steps

Would like to decorate your room or to give special painted present? Make your own DIY Paper Mache Christmas Baubles and decorate and paint them exactly as your imagination allows. I invited some friends over to paint the baubles together. Time well spent! My baubles got the painting of Poinsettia but I was amazed with how many different decorations all my friends came up with.

Here are eight simple steps how to make Paper Mache Christmas Baubles:

DIY. Painted Paper Mache Christmas Baubles.
1. Crumple sheets of wet newspaper
DIY. Painted Papie Mache Christmas Baubles
2. Rip Newspaper into small pieces
DIY. Painted Papie Mache Christmas Baubles
3. Prepare the glue.

Recipe: One cup of water, one cup of flour and a little salt

4. Dip the Newspaper piece into the glue and remove excess glue between the fingers
5. Glue the newspaper pieces on the crinkled paper baubles. Make sure that glue covers all the openings
DIY. Painted Papie Mache Christmas Baubles
6. See that you also attach a hook for hanging. Leave to dry.
DIY. Painted Papie Mache Christmas Baubles
7. Cover with any paint. I used water-based wall paint. Leave to dry
Paper-Mache Christmas Baubles
8. Design as you wish. I painted with artist acrylic paints and added some glossy paint. Since I am obsessed with flowers, I decorated  on my baubles with flower painting.

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