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The colorless everyday. Starting the morning when the sky is still lightless. Heating in the infinite traffic jam. Spending daylight in the dim office and then rushing back home when the day looses its color again. Everyday is the perfect spoiler of inspiration and ideals.

Do the ideals still exist and is it possible to color the demanding everyday?

Join the "good circle" where you get inspired and it makes you suited to pass it on. Once you pass the inspiration on you get even more of it.

Everyday does not make old, but matures, doesn’t spoil health, but grants experience, doesn’t drain energy, but fillis with inspiration, instead of wiping out ideals, gives reason to belive.

I am not after copying the beauty of nature, but awaken the lost desire for purity, innosence and maturity. Although the paintings do not depict human figures, they boldly celebrate and communicate a real enjoyment for the full circle of human life – in all its stages.
All paintings are painted with acrylic on canvas.

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