Kamille Saabre biography. Who She is and where is She coming from

Fine Artist and Coach Kamille Saabre

Be it through painting or life-coaching, it has always been my aspiration to bring to light the unseen.  To zoom close enough to disclose the otherwise unnoticed beauty of hidden details. Then take few paces  backwards and enjoy the big picture from a distance.

As a Coach I will take you to a exploration that will colour

As an Artist I am not after copying the beauty of nature, but aim to inspire viewer to awaken the desire for purity, innocence and maturity. Although the paintings do not depict human figures, they boldly celebrate and communicate a real enjoyment for the full circle of human life – in all its stages.

My quest for “colors” has pushed me to various places. I have been looking for my identity in NYC, starting the family in Zürich and settling down in Tallinn. To my color palette adds Polish grandfather, Turkish grandmother, Egyptian father, Estonian mother and Swiss husband. All these diverse tones shape my life and art.

Member of Estonian Painters Association and Estonian Artist Association

Besides expressing herself on large scale canvases enjoys Kamille writing short stories.

You find the stories and apple paintings in 2019 calendar “Estonian is like an apple”

In 2017 her texts and paintings were published in the book “Ütlen sulle head”  by Pilgrim books.

Kamille is married and mother of two and lives currently in Tallinn, the capital city of Baltic state of Estonia.

You find Kamille Saabre biography listed in Linkedin. She is featured on MutualArt.

Articles published in Estonian press:

contact Kamille


TV production – Our People – Kamille Saabre

In 2017 Spring short film was produced By Estonian National TV featuring Kamille Saabre

Watch the movie – Meie Inimesed – Kamille


Floral Paintings

Paintings of Fruits

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