Are there Colors in Everyday. Paintings in Estonian Drama Theatre

Kamille Saabre Paintings in Estonian Drama Theatre. Opening Day


Kamille Saabre Paintings Show15th of December at 4 PM the Fruit and Flower Paintings show “Are there Colors in Everyday” in Estonian Drama Theatre will be opened. Come to the opening!

I do not paint flowers nor food as one could conclude looking at my paintings. I also do not aim to copy natures beauty, but encourage you to awaken the desire towards the pure, innocent and the ideal. Although there are no human figures in my paintings, my art still tells the story of people.

I belive in the good circle where everyday
does not make old, but MATURES,
doesn’t spoil health, but GRANTS EXPERIENCE,
doesn’t drain energy, but FILLS WITH INSPIRATION,
instead of wiping out ideals, GIVES REASONS TO BELIEVE.

Kamille Saabre paintings will be exhibited in Estonian Drama Theatre till the end of January 2016.



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