Pink makes me happy. Pink Paintings

Pink Paintings.


Some say pink is my favorite color, some mean love is pink, some spend years painting pink, some perceive grace as pink, some fight with pink against cancer. Some live so that life is pink and pink is life.

Not for me. I managed to avoid pink even when my babygirl was born.

But one day a woman walked to my door and said: Kamille, I love pink. Would you please paint me a pink flower. I want to look at pink because

pink makes me happy.

The idea of pink paintings seemed out of place at first. But the way she extolled the color made me curious. She sounded like an ambassador for pink. She got me.

Now pink is my new obsession. Pink it’s not even a question.

Here you see how the latest pink painting “Pink makes me happy” was born. Layer by layer. Acrylic on canvas. 150×120 cm. Available for purchase – Pricelist in Estonia, International shop


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All the paintings are painted with Acrylic on Canvas

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