Pomegranate paintings – Everyone deserves a second chance

Pomegranate paintings by Kamille Saabre

There is a second chance. Right?

” Noooo!..” he shouted from the other side of the table. At that very moment the tough skin broke from beneath my fingers. With an unexpected slap, the red pouch of a pomegranate pursed and spilled a dozen glittery pearls. Along fell sticky, deep-red teardrops. The fruit was torn. Torn to pieces. My hands, holding the weeping fruit, were blood-spattered. Not only my hands but the table, wall, chair … and his perfect-white, designer shirt. Blushing I raised my eyes: “Everyone deserves a second chance. Right?”


“Eiii..” Karjus ta teispool lauda. Samal hetkel allus tihke nahk mu pingest kongus sõrmede survele. Punane kukkur avanes ootamatu kuminaga ja heledate plaksatustega sadas granaatõunast lauale kümmekond sädelevat pärlit. Koos helmestega laksas lauale sügavpunane, raske mahlapisar. Vili oli lõhki. Mitmeks tükiks. Mu käed, mis pisarais vilja veel hoidsid, olid täis verendavaid pritsmeid. Pritsmed olid laual, seinal, toolil … ja tema firmamärki kandval valgel pluusil. Tõstsin aeglaselt pilgu. Everyone deserves a second chance?

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All the pomegranate paintings are painted with acrylic on canvas

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