Colors of the Sea

colors of the seaWe live with the notion of the blue sea. Every child automatically depicts sea blue in their painting. What color is the Baltic sea actually? I make it to my task to find it out.


colors of the seaI decided to observe the color of the Baltic Sea in Tallinn Bay. Every day, around noon, I catch the color of the sea on a square canvas of ca 20x20cm. One painting is made up of the square paintings completed in one month. 


Part of this task I also make a project over midsummer day – the longest day. I capture the color of the sea every hour from 5 AM till 1AM. In every hour one colored square is created. I also capture the midsummer day with camera “time laps” mode. With the paintings also the video of the same day is created. 


As a result I find that the waters of the Gulf of Finland are rarely blue. Rather gray, with infinite shades. No color repeats itself. 

All in all, a very interesting color palette is formed that characterizes Nordic nature. Restrained, tough and discreet.


Here is the text what was born while painting the tones of the sea.

You tone me


You tone me.


If you speak, I am a deep ocean blue.


If you hug, I change to a soft yellow.


You are desolate, I turn into lavender hue.


If you love, I am a rosy pink.


If you desire, I switch to infinite red.


You are patient and I am beige of the coffee with milk.


You are in awe and I turn to champagne white.


If you believe, I am the blue of a hopeful sky.




If you are anxious, I am grey of a wet rock.


If you labor, I turn into earthy brown.


If you are indifferent, I change my tone to chilly silver.


You are enraged and I shift to raving green.


If you are sad, I take a hue of a dried clay.


If you are discontent, I become an ash grey.


If you leave me, I am hopeless black.


If you reminisce, I change to a azure of a forget-me-not.


And when you come, I change into a gleaming pearl white.

You tone me.

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