How to be Giving by default. Good Wish Postcard

Good Wish Postcard.


hea soovi postkaart, good wish postcardGuestion:

Its good to be giving. I know. But the only way for me to be giving is to give “advice” in nagging way. I am just not giving type by default. What can I do?


Follow the given instructions. Move the mouse to the left breast and click on heartshaped icon. Choose from the menu “settings”. Under setting double click on “giving” .

Now your default settings have been changed and you start to look at the world differently. Even if you dont have time, money or energy to give you still can give good wishes.

If you lack thoughts how to start you may PURCHASE good wish postcard. One postcard costs 2.20 EUR. Package of ten different cards costs 15 EUR .

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Küsimus: Ma tean, et anda on hea. Ainuke andmise viis milleks minul jaksu jagub on nõu andmine näägutavas vormis. Andmine lihtsalt ei ole minu default setting. Mida teha?

Vastus: Tee nii. Mine vasakul, rinna juures, oleva südamekujulise ikooni peale ja klikka settings. Valikutest märgi andmine ning tee duubelklikk. Sellega on default setting muudetud. Nüüd näed maailma hoopis teistmoodi. Isegi kui sul pole raha, aega või energiat, saad alati anda häid soove.

OSTA HEADE SOOVIDE POSTKAART kuhu on hea soov juba peale kirjutatud. Hind 2.20 EUR (+postikulud). Kui tahad anda kümnekordselt osta 10 postkaardiga pakk. Hind 15 EUR.  Postkaarte saad osta ka minu ateljees buyNow

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