What the angels eat. Painted Watermelon

Painted Watermelon

Kamille Saabre Watermelon painting
What the angels eat

Mark Twain has said:

“When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat”

Right he is, this great, sugary fruit tastes not only good in mouth, but is also inspiring to look at. Artist through out the history have been blown by its magic. Specially loved became watermelon among the Renaissance painters. What we may conceive as boring dark Still Life in museum was painted often as a erotic metaphor. Studying old painted watermelon scientist have concluded that watermelon in its origin was not so red and sweet, it was rather yellow and bitter. The history of ur-watermelon goes back to Pharaos time. You can read about its history in National Geographic.

Yes, Watermelon tastes great in mouth and appeals to the eye. If you love to hang the magic fruit on your wall, please contact me

In video below you find some creative ideas how to take full advantage of this watery fruit.



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