Wear art on your clothes. Tallinn Dolls & Wear-Arts featuring Kamille Saabre Art

Wear Art on your clothes.

Kamille Saabre painting on Tallinn Dolls shirt

Wear art on your clothesTo wear art is made possible thanks to two great companies in Estonia. Tallinn Dolls and Wear-Arts. The idea is to promote art by offering premium women’s fashion clothing featuring printed artworks. They are on the mission to bring art out of the museums and into our everyday lives.

I love this idea! What brings art only in lofty museums? We can profit from art looking at it on a daily basis. And why not even wear art!

You can order shirts or dresses with my paintings. If you order various panels (shown on the photo) with my art you are able to wear everyday different artwork, depending on your mood.

Look and order girly dress, elegant shirt or just a panel with my painting. Happy wearing!

Kamille Saabre painting
I ordered dress with my own painting


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