Half and Half equals Full. Modern Paintings with two Sides

Modern Paintings with two Sides.

Half and half. Equals full.Est

Kamille Saabre maalid Sakala Hambaravis
Sakala Hambaravi ooteruum

Half of me is missing. Longing, unhappy and sad without missing part. I am incessantly in search of the snached.

Then one night, the half-moon from the dark sky announced: “No. I’m not half-moon. I have never been half. I have been created full, even when it ‘s not visible.”

I began to look and I saw.

There is half of my mother and half of my father in me.

There is half of the hot air of Sahara and half of the the North Sea wind in me.

Half of the spreading joy and half of the clipping despair.

Half of the blood-inherited religion and half of the adopted faith.

Half of the yellow sunshine and half of the gray autumn weather.

Half of the eager child and half of the drained oldie.

Half of the carefree artist and half of the liable banker.

Half of the gentle mom and half of the stern dad.

Half of the titled nobility and half of the vulgar peasant.

Half of the tangible body and half of the imperishable spirit.

No. I’m not half. I have never been half. I have been created full, even when it ‘s not visible.

I am fully well done.


Modern paintings with two sides:



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