Absence or Abundance. Painted White Peony

Painted White Peony on White Canvas

If white holds white is there something expressed at all? Does lack of colour form absence or is there nonetheless something to behold?

Flavour upon flavour. Nuance on nuance. Whisper after whisper white reveals its wordless story. Absence becomes abundance and empty white makes bountiful peony.

Calm and easy acrylic painting brings to your space peace and lightness. Oversize peony is impressive on the wall.

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Some things just last for a one short moment and you have to be fast to take hold of it. Painted White Peony seizes the moment . I stop the time so that you may have a chance to scent the colour, beauty and uniqueness of this glorious short-lived moment.

Painted White Peony does not attempt to copy the beauty of nature, but awakens the lost desire for purity, innocence and maturity. The flower paintings boldly celebrate and communicate a real enjoyment for the good circle of human life.

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Peony is tied to many different meanings and symbols. Common peony meanings include romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion — but peonies can also mean bashfulness.

Peonies are native to China. They are highly valued there, and are often referred to as the “king of flowers”. They were the national flower prior to 1929, when they were replaced by the plum tree. Peonies have been popular in China since the Sui dynasty. During the Sui and Tang dynasties they were planted at the Imperial Palace. Because of this, peony symbolism also includes nobility, honor, and wealth.

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