Juicy and Mature. Pomegranate paintings in interior

Pomegranate paintings in interior remind that we reap what we sow

My pomegranate paintings in interior do not have the task to depict juicy or well designed fruit. The goal is to stop the time and make you to think about the matters what matter the most.

What kind of fruit will be harvested from the actions done today? Is my investment in lasting relationships or in personal, short-term prosperity? Will the outcome of my life be desirable, juicy, sweet or bitter and dry?

I would like to encourage you to, so to say, take your favourite fruit from my paintings, carry it through the day and to be alert of the importance of seemingly “minor” actions. I would like to bring you to the thought: “what I reap today matters in longrun”

If you would love to have your own “fruit” in your own interior, you may purchace it by Saatchi Art

Pomegranate paintings in interior:

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